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Shelter From Profanity Bombing

Shelter From Profanity Bombing


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    Cutting-edge profanity protection

    We use numerous proprietary NLP (natural language processing) algorithms to weed out profanity and protect your app from the myriad ways users try to slip past simple word matching. As new forms pop up, we keep pace.

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    Super easy integration

    We Open Sourced a Ruby gem client, a Python client, and a Node client to make it easy for you to interact with Bomberman. Your language not listed? Our API is a simple REST interface you can call remotely from any platform.

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    Custom word lists

    Seeing something that Bomberman doesn’t catch? Or Bomberman being too strict? Custom word lists allow you to add your own exceptions or special cases. These lists are managed through your admin panel or automatically via API.

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    Dynamic vocabulary

    Flamers, haters and creeps constantly invent new vocabulary to insult or gross your users out. Bomberman strives to keep ahead with regularly updated word lists and algorithms to protect your site from the latest sludge.

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    Simple yet powerful API

    Besides profanity detection, Bomberman can return your text with profanity censored (offending phrases replaced) or highlighted (offending phrases wrapped in tags). That’s it! Three methods in the core API allow you to automatically block profane messages, allow cleansed copies, or flag them for further review.

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    Multi-language support

    Bomberman features both English and Japanese APIs. We at Ikayzo code in the U.S. and Japan everyday, so Bomberman also understands the nuances and colloquialisms unique to each language.

Each plan includes

  • Access to English profanity filtering API

  • Access to Japanese profanity filtering API

  • Custom word lists



10 Hourly API calls




100 Hourly API calls




450 Hourly API calls




1,600 Hourly API calls